Saturday, December 27, 2014

Russian Agara A5 Liftoff

Angara A5 blasts off

Angara A5 rocket

At Russia’s Plestek Cosmodrome, the brand new Angara A5 rocket took flight for its inaugural mission on 23 December 2014. The booster is the most powerful version of the Angara family of rockets, which are designed to ease foreign reliance on numerous aspects of the country’s current rocket fleet. Russian rockets have acquired a difficult reputation in recent years, and the Angara family is designed to change that.

Liftoff of the heavy-lift rocket occurred at the beginning of a 30-minute launch window at 12:57 PM EST, or 8:57 AM Moscow time. The rocket carried a dummy payload to Geostationary orbit for test purposes.

Official sources have released few images and details on the vehicle’s flight, however Russian news agencies are reporting that the rocket performed flawlessly.


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